Our first reaction to our hydrovac would be SHOWROOM NICE. All onsite functions of the truck are in the most user friendly spots. Wash pump, boiler, hoses, switches etc. For my choice on build, I wanted big reach with the suction hose and big suction. These factors make a huge difference in day to day operations.

Best features, the design of the truck complete. Rear boom, heated cabinets, location of components to cut down on wasted space. Anyone could put a tank on a frame and add a boom and suction. But this truck has all the features u could ask for in 31 feet.  Everything has its purpose, nothing out of place!!

- Colin

Smithvac Testimonial

We are very happy with our hydro vac truck that was manufactured at Smith Industries.  Smith Industries was easy to deal with during the purchase and build.  There were very few issues with the unit and anything that did come up was resolved right away.  The unit worked exceptionally well last winter.  There were many days where we worked in temperatures below -25 C and quite a few that were below -30 C.  Smith Industries will definitely build our hydro vac trucks in the future.

- Dwight

When I first saw my Smith Hydrovac I was truly impressed not just by the fit and finish,but the overall quality and innovation that they put into these trucks build after build. After using the truck you'll be blown away at how well it works, or maybe sucked away because of how much suction it has!

From a very pleased customer.

Thank You Smith Industries

- Sandy